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Christmas Present Tips

As the saying goes, the true meaning of Christmas is about giving. Which is easy to forget with all the busyness going on at work, especially in the Food Industry, but also the added pressure at home
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How is your FOCUS going?

I have been reading a new book by Daniel Goleman called Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. Goleman is an expert on emotional intelligence and wrote a number of books on soft skills, which you may
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What I have learnt from Richard Branson

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a 4-day Leadership Gathering to Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island. With 15 others and Richard himself, we listened to professors from the Oxford
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The Success Formula – How To Be Successful Not Only In Your Jobs Search

In my profession that I would prefer to call a hobby ‘cause I absolutely love it, I meet many people. Some are highly driven, some not so much. But all of them want to get results and be happy in thei
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Career Choices – so many of them!

What are your “hot buttons”? Do you still remember the feeling when you accepted your current role? Just pause for a moment, sit back and try to recall where you were, what you saw, what you heard and
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Are you developing your soft skills?

Most common question I get asked My candidates and clients often ask what further education they should undertake. Majority of them have science qualifications and are thinking about broadening their
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Welcome to Jana’s Blog

Hi guys, I have set up this blog to share with you my experience of nearly two decades in recruitment and Human Resources. Coming from a non-English speaking background, I want to inspire people that
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