The Success Formula – How To Be Successful Not Only In Your Jobs Search

Road to Success

In my profession that I would prefer to call a hobby ‘cause I absolutely love it, I meet many people. Some are highly driven, some not so much. But all of them want to get results and be happy in their professional life and also, in their personal life. The degree of success varies. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, anyone’s success is largely dependent on their soft skills.

But that is only a part of the picture!

It is always a good idea to look at what successful people are doing and how they achieve their goals. That way you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Who do you know in your circle of people that is successful that you can talk to? Or why not buy a biography of someone who you really admire?

Well, I have done some homework for you and here are a couple of tips from the masters on how to get what you want:

1) Know Your Outcome

If you don’t know what you exactly want then, you are like a car without a driver. When you drive to the Gold Coast you cannot just say “I’m going south”. You could end up somewhere where you don’t want to be. I like Jack Canfield’s quote “See what you want and get what you see”. He is one of the best business coaches.

2) Take Action

Seeing your goal and moving towards it are two different things. You need to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. If that was enough just to dream then we all would have got what we had dreamt of when we were little.

3) See Opportunities

The difference between me and Donald Trump is not just the hair and the fact I am a female but Mr Trump can also see opportunities wherever he walks on the street. So, just look around and see how you can get the most of where you are at now and what the next steps are that you need to take. Educate yourself on the area where you are heading, saturate yourself in all accessible information. It will help you to see clearer and make the right decisions. If those decisions are not taking you in the right direction then, you have to move onto step 4.

4) Flexibility

Think outside the box

There are always more than one way how to skin a cat. The person that exercises the most behavioural flexibility ultimately “wins the game”. Always have more options how to achieve the outcome. Think outside the box!

5) Expect The Best

Expectations rule our outcomes. We don’t get what we want we get what we expect. Hmmm…. How are you doing in this department? In addition, all behaviours are dependent on our emotional state. The emotion creates a motion. And the behaviours create outcomes. If you are sad, unhappy where does it get you? If you are full of energy and enthusiasm will that make a difference? I bet it will!

6) Utilise Anything & Everything

Make sure that you utilise everything and anything that occurs to your greatest advantage. What do I mean? Well, let me just tell you a quick story. There was this beautiful Chinese couple getting married in Botanical Gardens. It was supposed to be a sunny day and they were looking forward to having their pictures taken in the garden. Suddenly, as it is possible only in Queensland, a thunderstorm arrived and completely drenched the gardens. When a by-passer expressed how sorry he was for them the couple just smiled and said “Oh no, the rain is always a sign of good luck!”.

Utilise Anything & Everything

Wishing you all the happiness while you are marching towards your utmost goals!


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